Secure my Google+

So the new kid in the block, Google+, has made an impression on me so far. There are a few things still that need some polishing; however, I think I personally like Google’s new product. With that said, how can I secure by Google+ profile?
First, let’s start by editing your Google+ profile by clicking on the “Edit Profile” icon. Once you’re in “edit mode” now you can change many privacy settings in your  Google+ profile.
Up until now, the only profile setting that is public by default, and can’t be changed, is your gender option; all other profile setting can be modified to make them private. (Update: You can now privatize the “gender” field)

Let’s begin.

Who can contact you via email.
This option sits right below your profile picture. When in profile edit mode, you can change who can contact you via emails.
Step 1. Send Email 1 Step 2. Send Email 2

Protect who can view your circles.
This feature prevents other people from viewing who is in your circles or network. Where is this section that I’m talking about? This is the section that shows just about below your profile picture. When you click in this area, then you’ll be asked what you wish to display – people in your circles or people who have you in their circles. You can either select both, one or the other, or none. I like this flexibility.
Step 1.View Circles 1 Step 2. View Circles 2

Protect your – Introduction.
By default, this section is public for everyone to read.
Agan, once in “edit mode” click on the Introduction field, and this will give you the opportunity to choose who can read your Google+ profile introduction. As you type your Google+ introduction, for the world or just a few, to read, you are given the option to select who can view it. Those options are given to you by clicking on the drop down box that’s just below the introduction text box.
Step 1. Introduction 2 Step 2. Introduction 1

Protect your – Bragging rights
By default, this section is public for everyone to read.
To modify privacy settings for this section, you pretty much have to do the same as in the previous section (Protect your – Introduction); click on the section and then you’ll have the options to set your “bragging rights” in addition to set privacy settings.
Step 1. Bragging Rights 2 Step 2. Bragging Rights 1

I think you get the idea on how to protect your privacy in the new Google+ networking site. All the other profile sections can be protected the same way as the previous sections that I’ve mentioned so far, so please take the time to set the privacy settings to your liking.
As I find new, and improved, features in the new Google+ I will post them in this site.

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