Record Your Mac OS X Desktop

Unlike Windows and Linux, there aren’t as many free applications/utilities for OS X. So, what if you want to record your OS X desktop; is there an easy and free way of doing this task?

Well, there is…it’s called QuickTime Player – and it comes free with Mac OS X.

Here are the steps on how to achieve this:

  1. Open your “Applications” folder
  2. Click to launch “QuickTime Player”
  3. Now click on “File” and select “New Screen Recording
  4. When the “Screen Recording” window comes up, click on the “record” button
  5. You’re going to asked if you really want to record, click on “Start Recording
  6. When you’re done recording, simple click on “Stop Recording” on the menu bar (button’s located on the upper right-hand corner)
  7. Once you’ve stopped your screen recording you’ll be asked to save your “movie”; select the file format to record this movie
  8. Done!


From step 3. New Screen Recording

From step 4. Screen Recording

From step 5. Screen Recording 2

From step 6. Stop Recording

From step 7. Save Recording

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