Details.exe – command line utility

As an IT professional, I’ve come to collect a rather large quantity of command line utilities that I use during my dealings with computers, laptops and servers. I wrote this command line utility (details.exe) with the intension to help me gather information about computers I’m working with – without having to load, or carry with me, all those uitilities that I may need to do the job.
Details – by no means will replace the many utilities out there; however, it’s just one piece of software that will get the most common details about your system.
Details was written using Visual Basic 2010, so it requires .NET 4 in order to run it.
Here is a list of the parameters and their output.

  • /Os – Displays detailed information about the local Operating System.
  • /DNet – Displays detailed information about default network card.
  • /ANet – Displays detailed information for all network cards.
  • /DTraffic – Displays traffic information for default network card.
  • /Traffic – Displays traffic information for all network cards.
These parameters can be typed in lower case and it will the application will operate as intended.

Following is a list of screenshot with actual output from these parameters.
Parameter: /Os

Parameter: /DNet

Parameter: /DTraffic

What “details” still lacks.

  1. I’ve noticed a few custometic details that I will fix shortly.
  2. There’s no elegant way to catch for any bugs yet; I’ll take care of that shortly as well.
  3. More features.

As with any software written by people other than yourself, run this piece of software at your own risk.

Download link

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