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Another netstat trick

So, I run GeekTools on my iMac, and I wanted to be able to view all established internet connections on my Mac.

Here’s how I did it.

netstat -abf inet | grep “ESTABLISHED” -C 1 | grep -v “localhost” | sort -rk7


1. netstat -abf inet
Shows me a list of all internet connections

2. grep “ESTABLISHED” -C 1
It filters the netstat output to show only the ESTABLISHED connections, and it keeps the heading by using -C 1 option.

3. grep -v “localhost”
Basically I’m removing any “localhost” lines from the grep output in command 2.

4. sort -rk7
I’m going to (r)everse sort on column (k7). So it displays my output from largest number of bytes transmitted.

The screenshot shows the output on the lower right hand corner.

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Outlook 2010 Keeps Prompting for Credentials

Issue: Outlook 2010 keeps prompting for credentials.
Environment: Windows 7 64-bit and Outlook 2010 (MS-Office 2010 SP1 with all updates)

Possible Fix 1
These steps came from the following link. These did not work for me personally, but it has worked for some people.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on File
  3. Click on Info
  4. Click Account Settings
  5. Click on Account Settings option, again..
  6. Double click the Exchange Account (your name)
  7. Click More Settings
  8. Click Security Tab
  9. Check the Always Prompt for Logon Credentials
  10. Close Outlook
  11. Open Outlook
  12. Enter username and password
  13. Click on Remember my Credentials
  14. Close Outlook (repeat steps 11 – 14 at least 3 times, and don’t forget to click on Remember my Credentials)
  15. Go back into More Settings (from step 7)
  16. Security Tab
  17. Now REMOVE the check from the Always Prompt for Logon Credentials
  18. Close Outlook

Possible Fix 2
This fix came from this link. These steps did work for me and my users.

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