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Get Active Network Adapter

Recently I had the need to create a script to find out what was the active network adapter in our server, so after some ideas from the web, I came up with a one line PowerShell script that helped me achieve my goal.

Note: Get-NetAdapter is a PowerShell commandlet that’s present on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2. This command will not work on Windows 7.

Get-NetAdapter | Where-Object {($_.LinkSpeed -eq “1 Gbps”) -and ($_.Status -eq ‘Up’)}

In this line, I’m basically getting the adapter with status ‘Up’ and with a linkspeed equals to ‘1 Gbps’. One can change LinkSpeed property to match your server’s network adapter speed(s).

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I wrote BulkShut last year using Visual Basic .NET 2008. This was one of my very first .NET projects. I used this application a few times at work; I used it primarily to reboot Windows XP Professional machines (some Windows Vista as well).
Purpose: BulkShut’s primary function is to allow you, the administrator, to reboot/shutdown Windows devices connected on your LAN. This application assumes that you’re an administrator and that you have the proper credential to shutdown devices.
Usage: You’re going to create a text file with the NetBIOS names for all the devices you want to reboot. The text file should be have one single column containing one computer name per line. See screenshots below for mor information.
To-do: Now that I’m a bit more versed with .NET, I’m going to re-write this tool soon. I will leave the GUI as is, but I’ll make some changes in the background process.

Main screen
Main screen

Sample text file
Text file

Main screen with text file loaded
Main screen with list

Download link

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